• Updates to the Facebook Page & Community

    Community Changes

    We've launched version 4.1.11 of the community tonight which has added some awesome features to the site

    Launching the Mobile Site
    We've now got a new mobile site for the community now when you visit the community on your mobile you'll be able to use the community with out straining your eyes which is a benefit we're sure

    Discussions are now kept fully intact when a post is upgraded to an article
    When we upgrade a post to an Article on the community any posts will automatically be posted to the "comments" section of the article

    Forum members will now experience better continuity of your forumís unique style while viewing it from smart phones
    The brand experience of our community will remain consistent whether it's being viewed from a computer screen or a mobile device.

    Facebook Changes

    We've enabled Facebook timeline on the Facebook Page, we'll be working on the overall presentation of the Facebook page in the next few weeks

    Please let us know any comments you might have on these changes