• We are back!

    We've been a tad... dormant lately.... Ok Really Really Dormant! as a team we've been flat stick with real life stuff which has kept us otherwise occupied but we're back bigger and better

    We're thrilled to relaunch the message boards with new functionality (something we'll detail over the coming weeks) Aiken Central is an open place where we encourage open discussion we appreciate everyones view point however we of course ask common sense prevails!

    We're also excited to announce we're supporting the National Inclusion Project we'll communicate how we do this in the coming weeks

    So if your an existing member reset your password and get posting, if your a new member register! and get participating

    And lastly don't forget we have a facebook app! You can access the community direct from facebook here https://apps.facebook.com/aikencentral/

    We're thrilled to be back and we're thrilled to see the community bustling in the near future.

    Chris & Denise
    Site Admins